The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Moment In History

ROBERT MOIR: Mr. Moir was a native of Scotland and came to Oquawka with his brother William in 1847 going into the business of manufacturing high wines for Eastern shipment. This enterprise lasted until the Civil War. Next, Mr. Moir engaged in the mercantile business and established a private bank in Oquawka. Different relatives from time to time associated themselves with him in the banking business until about 1898 when he alone conducted business under the name of Robert Moir & Company being joined by his sons, Robert, James and Alexander. This arrangement continued until his death in 1901.

In addition to banking, Mr. Moir became a large dealer in stocks and bonds and engaged extensively in the farm loan business eventually accumulating a fortune of about two and a half million dollars.

1911 History of Henderson County