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Gladstone Holds Special Meeting For Snow Removal Solution

A special meeting was called Monday evening by Gladstone Board President Rex McKinney after roads weren't cleared from the weekend snow.

Mayor McKinney had broken a tie vote earlier this month at the regular village board meeting to hire Kenny John of Oquawka for snow removal, but John did not show to do the job, reportedly due to equipment problems.

Village Clerk Joyce Hetrick informed three area newspapers which included The Quill of a special meeting which was called by the Mayor for Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the snow removal problem.

All members were present at role call except Robert Swanson who came in after the meeting had started.

The Mayor said that Kenny John who was hired to do the streets said "his transmission is making a noise and he's unable to do the plowing and wants someone else to do the job." The Mayor indicated he wanted to find a different solution.

Trustee Jim Hetrick reported that Kurt McChesney said he would do the snow removal for the same bid he had turned in at the last board meeting. ($450 a time).

Mayor McKinney said that Rick Olson of Biggsville has a used tractor with an 8 foot blade he will sell the village for $3300. The Mayor also talked to Ronnie James about insurance and he said, "he would be surprised if it went up."

The Mayor said that they could hire the work done at $9 or $10 an hour if they bought the tractor and it would quickly pay for itself.

Hetrick noted that the last two seasons, the village only had to do snow removal two times and felt the upkeep would be more costly in the long run.

The Mayor didn't know the age of the International but said, "It's not going to be that new for $3,000."

Swanson said, "I thought we had this taken care of last month."

Swanson also said you have gas and oil, and the workmen's compensation would go up, but the Mayor said, "James said if it did, it would only be around $100 a year.

Manes asked, what if J.D. (Jim Dunn) gets another job and can't do it? McKinney said that Earl DeWayne Seitz said he would help and fill in.

Hetrick reported that Kurt (McChesney) said this has been the 3rd time he'd put in a bid and if this doesn't work and they need him, the price would be double now.

Bielser replied, "That's why we're getting rid of him now."

Junior Bielser made a motion to buy the tractor at $3300 and it was seconded by Seitz. Junior Bielser, Linda Seitz, and Florence Stewart voted yes. Jim Hetrick, Robert Swanson, and Darlene Manes voted no. Mayor McKinney said he would break the tie vote with his yes vote, and he asked the clerk to draw a check in order to get some gas to drive it to Gladstone.

One guest was present, Jim Dunn to complain of the un-plowed streets.