The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Susan Galbraith - Quill Staff


Meet Your Neighbor Shannon Martinez, who works at the bank in Oquawka and the Phillips 66 station which doesn't leave much her much spare time.

She was born in Monmouth and raised in Oquawka.

Shannon graduated from Union High School in 1995. She is married to John and they have two daughters and one son. Jordan is 12, Caitlyn 5 and Dylon is 7. They all attend school at West Central.

Her parents are Dopher and Carmen Thompson and Jo and Janet McCann of Oquawka. Her father, Dopher, owns and operates Oquawka Boat and Fabrication.

Shannon has three sisters: Star, Kay and CodiAnne plus one brother Dopher Thompson III.

She enjoys being with family and friends, exercising and shopping.

Last year they took their first ever family vacation to Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri. Besides Six Flags, two of the highlights for the children was the St. Louis Zoo and going up in the Arch.

One of Shannon's favorite things to do is to hang out with her friends, on Wednesdays, at Applebee's.