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Sweetheart Dance

by Holly Willdrick-The Quill

La Harpe High School celebrated their final Sweetheart Dance, Saturday the 17th.

The year of the first Sweetheart Dance is unknown, but we know it dates back to at least 1944.

In earlier years a D.J. didn't play the music at the dance, they had a band.

In 1962 the Esquires (a group of men playing the drums, trombone, trumpet, and cello) played at the dance. What a change 45 years later.

Sweetheart Royalty - 2007

left to right in the modern picture is Ashley Olin, Kelsey Van Fleet, Morgan Mohr, last year's queen, Jenna Ourth, Last year's king Justin Sparrow, Skyler Pence, Dillon Pollock, and Michael Lafferty. Seated are this year's Queen and King, Kirsten Johnson and Blake Mealey.

Sweetheart Dance - 1962 to bottom, King and Queen Marilyn Bowen and David Miller, Fay Blythe and Dennie Sharpe, Elaine Carter and Ed Bollin, and Norma Fife and Terry Griswold.