The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Raritan Village Board Meeting

The president and trustees met in the meeting room of the Raritan Fire House December 13, 2007, with trustee Magee, Powless, Blender, Waller, Knapp and Anders answering roll call. Doug Hensley was in attendance as a visitor.

Trustee Jim Blender opened with prayer. Minutes of the last meeting were approved by motion of trustee Magee, second trustee Anders. Motion carried.

Bills presented were as follows: PDC Lab, $12.50; Seybold $284.25; Waste Management $754.80; Dallas Rural Water $315.00; Dennis Rankin $129.20; Phil Anders $217.50; Ameren IP $311.48; Jim Blender $103.38; Bills were approved to be paid.

The Annual Appropriation and Tax Levy was presented as follows: Tax Levy $4,660.00. Annual Appropriation $53,500.

The Tax Levy and Annual Appropriation was approved.

Doug Hensley asked what else he needed to do on his property in order to forego court proceedings.

Mr. Hensley was given until March 1, 2008, to remove all debris. The Motion was approved.

The annual audit prepared by Cavanaugh, Davies, Blackman & Crambet was approved. (continued above)

A Motion by trustee Magee, and seconded by trustee Powless, to raise the trustees salary to $50.00 per meeting was approved.

There was an unanimous approval to adjourn the meeting until January's next regular meeting night.