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Spotlight: Christmas Spirit Sets Town "Ablaze"

By: Diane Mercer, The Quill Staff

Twenty plus years ago, Terry Housewright started serving a full course Christmas dinner to those less fortunate in the La Harpe area.

What started off small has now grown into a publicly open Annual Christmas Dinner sponsored by the La Harpe, Terre Haute and Fountain Green Volunteer Fire Departments.

Serving almost 200 people onsite and 25 home bounddeliveries on Saturday, December 8th, this traditional dinner consisted of an estimated 200 pounds of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, cake, tea and coffee.

Both young and old feasted on the food, which was completely donated through local merchants and private monetary donations.

All of this food was hand prepared by the fire department's members and families, which took an estimated 3-5 days.

According to one local fire fighter, "We are growing in number every year and this is our way to give something back to our communities."

Each of the three fire departments represented consists of volunteers who devote their free time serving their communities.

The La Harpe Volunteer Fire Department headed by Chief Jerry Brown is made up of 30 members.

The Fountain Green Volunteer Fire Department is led by Chief Rick Johnson and theTerre Haute Volunteer Fire Department led by Chief Bob Reed are both comprised of 15 members each.

For more information on what services your local volunteer fire department offers or to join their team please call them at the phone numbers listed here at the right:

La Harpe Volunteer Fire Department (217) 659-7612

Fountain Green Volunteer Fire Department (217) 659-2280

Terre Haute Volunteer Fire Department (217) 659-3775

Firemen Serving: (far right) Rick Johnson, Fountain Green Chief; Kristina Johnson; Rowen Ziegler (Terre Haute volunteer); (left side) Austin Johnson (La Harpe volunteer) all served food