The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Take The Quill Along

The Quill traveled with Carol Myers and daughters, Kathy Barrett and Cindy Teel and Jeanette LaFayette to the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway from July 2-15. They are pictured in front of the Drottingham Palace in Stockholm Sweden. The bus tour group included 26 delightful and interesting persons from several countries.

The Quill traveled to Moscow, Russia, with Jason Thompson. Jason of Washington, IL, is formerly from the Oquawka, Biggsville area. He works for Caterpillar in Morton. Jason and other members from Cat were there providing support for the start up of the new warehouse in Moscow.

When you go on a trip, take The Quill along and take a picture with it and send it to us. Let us see where all "The Quill" can go.