The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Gladstone Board

At the Village of Gladstone Board meeting Monday, August 13, all members were in attendance excpt Mike Hopkins.

Guests were: Scott Walters, Dick Bigger, Frankie Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Tom Morrison, Marty Lafary, Lisa Lafary, Matt Gray, Jenna Link, Wanda Fillman, Don Burns, Brenda Smith and Jim Seaman.

A motion was made by Byron Sebastian to support the efforts of the Rural Water Coalition, seconded by Manes with all voting in favor.

Don Burns, from the USDA Rural Development Office, explained the updated cost estimate from engineer John Roegiers regarding the application for federal assistance for the Gladstone water improvement project.

President McKinney suggested a possible four-way stop sign at the intersection of the Gladstone Methodist Church.

Marty Lafary inquired about sidewalk repair by his home.

A motion was made by Hetrick, seconded by Sebastian, to reappoint Margaret Johnson for a five year term on the zoning board. Motion passed with all present voting aye.

There was dscussion by Dick Bigger, to keep one or both alternate railroad crossings open.

Tom Morrison asked the board to come up with a fixed water rate for customers.

The board decided to wait until spring, to do any landscaping in front of the Community Building.

Darlene Manes received a letter from John Allaman, President of the Henderson County Historical Society, stating he agreed with the board's decision to appoint Joyce Hetrick as the contact person for Heritage Trail Days, since it involves Gladstone Village property. She was praised for her previous work on that project.

After usual minutes and bills were paid, the board adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Those in attendance were: President Rex McKinney, Jim Hetrick, Jr. Bielser, Clerk Joyce Hetrick, Darlene Manes, Byron Sebastian and Robert Swanson.

(Editor's Note: Gladstone Trustee Robert Swanson, 63, died of on heart attack at his home in Gladstone, during the night of August 18th. His obituary was in the August 22nd Quill. "Swanny" was an outspoken representative of the board, and sometimes a scapegoat for unpleasant issues that needed to be discussed. He seemed to truely enjoy serving Gladstone, and loved playing Santa Claus at Christmas.)