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Heat Players Raise $3570 at Labor Auction

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher

Coach Arnold found an easier way to raise money for his football team this season: put them to work.

It seemed like the best solution to an old problem of too many fund-raisers around town, and it solved another problem many people have these days, of finding some young healthy muscular guys who will do some work for you.

The plan was to have two players be auctioned off together with Gene Roark volunteering as auctioneer. Coach Arnold had a string of volunteers helping watch for bidders in the audience

Miles Lefler, a senior Heat football player said he was pretty surprised when he and his partner was bought for $200 for 3 hours of work each. That's around $33 an hour!

Although several of the football players were flexing their muscles, trying to impress those bidding to bid even higher to get some pretty strong workers, a few commented, "We're not worth that much!"

Paul Anderson, a farmer who lives outside of Stronghurst, bought several of the players putting them to work the next morning building fences. He was planning on getting his money's worth, considering the heat index was to be pretty high on Saturday.

Jessica Winters and Joni Dillard got in a bidding war over a couple of the players, and Joni finally won. It wasn't told what chores they had in mind but Dillards do have a lot of windows in their 2-story home.

Jim Blender of Raritan tired to bid for his grandson, "Buba' Blender to clean out a room and help the HEAT cause, but his bid was being raised by a group of Buba's classmates.

The auctioneer is on his knees begging Jim to bid $5 more at $200. He does, and thought he had made the purchase