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Moment In History

LINCOLN & DOUGLAS: The visits to Oquawka by Douglas and Lincoln were gala occasions with people coming from all the county to hear their oratory.

Douglas had to contend with inclement weather so the crowd was smaller.

From the Oquawka Spectator, Oct.7, 1858: "On Monday last Mr. Douglas spoke in Oquawka. The morning set in very rainy and disagreeable, and this undoubtedly prevented a crowd from coming to town.

The cannon commenced firing a salute about sunrise. Mr. Douglas arrived about 9 o'clock and the steamer, Keokuk, floated up to the dock about ten carrying about 75-100 from towns below.

The Oquawka and Monmouth Brass Bands both paraded the public streets in their band wagons.

At one o'clock, the Senator, accompanied by a number of friends proceeded to a stand erected in front of the court house.

After several announcement, C. M. Harris, local noted lawyer, welcomed Mr. Douglas and then the gentleman spoke for about two and a half hours to an audience of over 800-1,000 people.

That evening Mr. Douglas took passage to Keokuk.

(1911 History of Henderson County)