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Letters to Editor

School Board Candidate Shares Her Views

Dear Editor,

I was informed there was a Meet The Board Candidates on Wednesday, April 4 at West Central. I was unaware of this gathering and I apologize for not attending this event.

I have attended all the other functions I was invited to the past 2 months to prepare me for the School Board.

I would like to give my opinions on questions or thoughts of what would be asked of a School Board Candidate.

Where do I see West Central within the next 5 years?

I would like to see West Central have the capacity to offer more classes to prepare students for college and for the workforce and to focus on career paths.

I would also like the percentage of graduates from West Central in the high percentile of attending college and graduating and then returning back to the area to raise their family and have their children attend West Central-the school that gave them that great education.

My purpose for running for the school board is to help West Central build the stepping blocks for a better education, and to help build a school parents would approve of and want to send their children to.

I would like to know more about how the school my children attend operates, and to get a better understanding on the education that is being taught.

I believe we must be a community of one, and we must work together to make this the best school in the area.

Thank you,
Susan Coffey
Rural Carman

Says "YES" Vote Will Not Increase Taxes

Dear Editor

Rumors are around that the "yes" vote on Tuesday will increase your taxes.

This is not the case as we have been able to run our ambulance on this amount for a long time and see no reason for it to go up.

The La Harpe Ambulance Service

Seeks Support Of Write-In Candidate

Dear Editor:

I want to urge everyone in Ward 1 in the City of La Harpe to vote on Tuesday, April 17th in the Consolidated Election. Vicki Burford is running as a write-in Candidate for Ward 1 Alderman-2 year term.

Vicki has 10 years experience as Alderman on the La Harpe City Council. She has served on several committees which have been instrumental in improving our city.

She is a life long resident of La Harpe and owned her own business for 28 years.

Be sure to VOTE for EXPERIENCE by writing in Vicki Burford on the line specified on your ballot for write-in under City of La Harpe Ward 1 for Alderman-2 year term and marking the oval. (Sample ballots for each ward were in the Quill dated April 4)

Jeanette M. Ford