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Gladstone Zoning Board Answers Request For 2nd Mobile Home

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

The Gladstone Zoning Board met to hear a request from Jim and Flo Seaman to move in a second mobile home on their lot at the south edge of Gladstone.

The Seamans live in the McGraw's Subdivision on a city block that already has 7 mobile homes. A Gladstone Ordinance limits mobile homes to 4 per block.

Last month, Flo Seaman had attended the March Gladstone board meeting hoping to get approval for the second mobile home by asking that the village divide the block into two blocks.

After much discussion, which involved putting a city street through the block disturbing some of the property of home owners, the board voted to leave the block as it is and said Seamans would have to approach the zoning board to request a variance.

Don Olson, Zoning Enforcing Officer, said he didn't know how or when it was that the block had become over-the-limit of 4 mobile homes, but from this day forward, they wanted to enforce the village ordinance.

Margaret Johnson, Zoning chairperson, said that they would allow Seamans to replace their trailer with a newer one, but they would not allow them permission to add an additional trailer to the block.

Flo said, that she originally had wanted the trailer for storage but they now would like to use their present one as rental property to help pay for a nicer mobile home.

The Seamans turned down the option to trade their present mobile home for a new one.

A motion was made whether or not to grant Seamans a variance and zoning officials voted: 4 nays, and 1 yes. The vote was as follows:

Alice Sebastian No, Wendell Parsons No, Terry Thacker No, Lowell Scott Yes, and Margaret Johnson No.

The majority of the board members felt they should go by the Ordinance established and said they felt that was the right thing to do. The meeting lasted about 10 minutes.

Present at the zoning meeting besides the zoning board members, Jim and Flo Seaman and Zoning Enforcement Officer Don Olson were concerned citizens Jim and Joyce Hetrick.