The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Jessica Boyle, Quill Staff

Meet your neighbor Jim Lenix, a 1972 graduate of La Harpe High School. Jim grew up in the La Harpe/ Fountain Green area. He lived in Blandinsville, but just recently moved back to La Harpe. He says, "La Harpe has always been home."

Right out of high school Jim started working in the fertilizer business. He works for UAP distributing in Blandinsville.

Jim just married his wife, Sharla, about three weeks ago. He has three kids. Devon lives in La Harpe, Melinda Boyer lives in Carthage, and Darcy Stonger lives in La Harpe. Darcy is married to Michael who is serving in Afghanistan right now in the 82nd Airborne Army. Jim has one grandson, Khile.

In his spare time Jim enjoys hunting, collecting hot wheel cars, riding motorcycles, and working in the yard.

One of the memories that sticks out to Jim is when he was a teenager. It was the day after he had received his license and it was the first weekend his dad was the city cop. His dad stopped him and gave him a ticket for speeding down a side street.