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Illini West March 28th board meeting

All head coaches have been officially hired by Illini West School district.

Ray Driskell has agreed to an $85,000 contract for the 2007-2008 school year.

Four candidates will be interviewed for the bookkeeper position next week with a final decision to be presented at the board meeting.

Fortunately, Dallas City, La Harpe and Carthage all had versions of the Illini Fight song for their school song. Therefore, the three music departments have created a new Illini West song by combining parts of each song but sung to the same tune.

The board approved hiring Linda Hartweg to organize a summer marching band camp to be held later this summer. The board also looked at requests for new band uniform accessories.

Three of the student mascot artwork submissions were original creations. To avoid copyright infringement the students will select from original student-designed pictures of the Charger.

Illini West is also seeking to purchase or lease six portable classrooms to be placed behind the cafeteria with a handicap accessible walkway from the cafeteria to the classrooms. The lease agreement with Carthage Elementary District 317 is nearing completion.

The board made recommendations to the handbook committee that Illini West should adopt La Harpe's eligibility requirements that require a student to be passing all classes.

They are ineligible the semester after they fail a class unless they have passed a class they have failed in order to be eligible for extra-curricular activities.

The board also suggested that students be rewarded for perfect attendance in a manner different than exemption from semester tests.

The feeling was that students are ill prepared for their first experience with comprehensive finals if they wait until college.

The next Illini West board meeting will be held on April 11th.