The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1919 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1919

Stronghurst Graphic, March 20, 1919 

***OBITUARY***WILLIAM A. VAUGHAN: William A. Vaughan, pioneer resident and well known citizen of Henderson County, died at the home of his son, H.N. Vaughan two miles west of Stronghurst March 11th. The deceased was born at Colchester, Md Oct.12, 1836, being in his 83rd year at the time of his death. In the fall of 1837 his parents moved to Ohio by wagon and in the spring of 1838 made the journey by water to Illinois shore of the Mississippi River opposite Ft. Madison, Ia., where the father died and the mother and children lived until 1844. During the year the widow married Risden Kirby of Carman with whom she and the children lived until 1872 when she died.

Mr. Vaughan began business as a farmer and cattle trader at the early age of 15 years and in a few years had accumulated sufficient money to enable him to invest in land. He added to his real estate holdings from time to time until he and his two sons became the owners of more than a thousand acres.

Mr. Vaughan married in 1858 to Miss Mary Twilley and to this union the following children were born: William of Carman; Mary Jane, who died at the age of eight years; and Wilhelmina who died in infancy. Mrs. Vaughan died in 1869 and in 1872 Mr. Vaughan married Miss Melissa Morey. To this union the following children were born: Luella, who married James Marsden and died at Carman aged 31 years; H. Newton Vaughan, the well-known farmer and cattle breeder of this vicinity; and Lanzita, who died at the age of 16 years. The mother of these children died Nov.16, 1905. During the last few years Mr. Vaughan has made his home with his son H. Newton.

Mr. Vaughan was a member of the M.E.Church at Carman and for many years belonged to the official board of the church. He was also a member of the Masonic and Odd Fellow fraternities. Funeral services were conducted at the Carman M.E.Church with interment in the Carman Cemetery.

DEATH CAME UNEXPECTEDLY: This community was shocked and saddened by the news that Mrs. Fred Fitz has passed away that Tuesday afternoon at her home near Decorra. She was thought to be recovering from an attack of flu and was able to be about the house and resume some of her accustomed duties. As in the case of so many, unlooked for complications followed and death came very suddenly. The immediate cause of Mrs. Fitz's death was given by attending physician as thrombosis, which is the obstruction of a blood vessel by a clot of blood formed at the site of the obstruction. Mrs. Fitz was the daughter of the late Herman Annegers of this vicinity. She is survived by her husband, four children consisting of three sons and one daughter; two brothers, Allen of this vicinity and John of Saskatchewan, Can. and Miss Almina Annegers of Sulphur Springs, Ark. Funeral services were conducted at the home one half mile south and one half mile west of Decorra.

***ALEX LYNN*** Alex Lynn, one of the oldest residents of Gladstone and this county, passed away on the same farm he was born on Jan.24, 1838 and was 81 years old at the time of his death.. He was the son of Wright and Olive Lynn, who were Henderson County pioneers having settled near this village when the country was still inhabited by Indians. For 30 years he served as Justice of the Peace in this county. He was widely known and was a member of the M.E.Church. Mr. Lynn is survived by two daughter, Mrs. F.M.Porter of Gladstone and Mrs. John Florang, who lives in the country. Funeral services were held at the M.E.Church with interment in the South Henderson Cemetery.

TRACKMEN'S LODGE ORGANIZED: M.H. Thompson of Bonnie Terre, Mo., traveling representative of the American brotherhood of Railway Trackmen, was here and organized a lodge of the association at this point. Membership is composed of section men employed by the Santa Fe R.R. at Stronghurst and on a number of sections both east and west from here. The Lomax lodge membership will be transferred to the Stronghurst lodge which will then start off with 40 people. The following officers were elected: Pres. W.W.Black of Media; V.Pres.-D.W.Moore, Stronghurst; Sec.-Treas.-J.R.Black of Stronghurst.

CHANGE IN BUSINESS FIRM: Through the agency of A.S.McElhinney, the meat market and restaurant which has been maintained by Floyd Clark was sold to Peter Curtis and son of Mathersville, Ill. The shop has been closed in order to renovate and repaint the interior. It is understood that the new proprietors intend to devote their attention solely to the restaurant business at present.

GLADSTONE GLEANINGS: Alfred Lindberg and Miss Jessie Galbraith were married at the First M.E.parsonage in Burlington; they were accompanied by Miss Fannie Galbraith and Avault Lindberg, brother of the groom. The couple will be home on the Miller farm north of town. Mr. and Mrs. Will Whiteman have a dispatch telling of the safe arrival of their son Lloyd in Newport News.

CARMAN CONCERNS: Mr. William Coen has bought the (late) Miss Fannie Babcook property in the north part of town where he and his family will move in the near future. A nurse was called to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rehling to attend their four children who have the flu. A little daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. James Good. The carpenters are remodeling Mr. Clyde Gittings home which he bought from Mr. Charlie Gerber southwest of town.

OLENA OBSERVATIONS: On account of the indisposition of the pastor, Rev. Russell, and the bad roads and inclement weather, no preaching or Sabbath school was held. The Joe Jacobs family are now convalescing from severe cases of the influenza. Mr. McCannon sale was well attended and all things offered brought good prices. The ladies of the M.E.Church served lunch. Quite a bunch of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. McCannon gave them a little surprise previous to their moving to Burlington. J.L.Fort held a public sale at his former home west of the village; he has not permanently located and expects to spend some time visiting. Mr. Jesse Hicks and family are nicely located in their new home west of the village. Charles Fort has moved his belongings to his farm west and south of Olena known as the Swank farm. Charles didn't just say he was looking for a housekeeper, but thought it would be pretty lonely. Arthur McKeown and family have become Stronghurst residents. Mrs. Ollie Dalton has moved to her new home south of the village. Roscoe Deitrick has moved into property he recently purchased in Olena.

LOCAL AND AREA HAPPENINGS: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hise welcomed a fine 8 12 lb. girl to their home near Smithshire. George Rush, who had been employed in the Johnson Garage, has gone to Biggsville to work in the garage operated by Clark Kelly. Ground was broken for a new residence which Mrs. Mary Thompson will erect on lots recently purchased of J.R. Murphy, just north of the Murphy house on Division St. Geo. T.Chant and John R. Peterson made a trip to Hancock and Adams Counties where the latter purchased a quarter section of land a few miles south of Stillwell in Hancock County. Sam Claybaugh of Olena lost one of his horses on Sunday March 9th-the animal dropped dead in its tracks while being driven home from the Thos. Milligan home where Mr. and Mrs. Claybaugh had spent the day. Ed Logan has been in Chicago taking a finishing course in vulcanizing; training he had learned in the army and intends to turn to practical use. Raymond Galbraith, who was located on the Wm. White farm north of Olena, has moved to a farm two miles east and two miles south of Raritan, which he will operate this year. Spencer Corzatt, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Corzatt of the Raritan neighborhood, and Miss Mary Edna Hines of the Blandinsville country, were united in marriage at the Baptist church parsonage in Macomb on March 12th. L.W.Calhoun, a former well known and respected citizen of the Raritan neighborhood, died at the home of his son, George, near Lockridge, Iowa. The remains arrived in Stronghurst and were taken to Raritan where funeral services were conducted at the Reform church with interment in the Raritan Cemetery.

SCHOOL NOTES: The Freshman class entertained the Sophomores with a party at the school house last Friday night. Those present were divided into two sides-Hopper and Olena, by being asked a number of unusual questions. Several games were then played among which was the observation party. Everyone was handed a sheet of paper which a number of subjects written on it and told to choose answers from various objects being on a table. Later partners were chosen for supper consisting of sandwiches, pickles, fruit salad, and wafers. "Skip" was played until time to go home.

The faculty fully realized that Monday was St. Patrick's Day when a large number of students appeared dressed in overalls or aprons with a plentiful supply of green ribbon. The morning exercises were given over to singing Irish songs. In the evening a number of the boys gave an informal St. Pat's party at the Community Club room. They were chaperoned by the high school teachers and all entered into the fun which consisted of old time games. The boys had prepared an appetizing lunch of huge ham sandwiches and pickles. At 10:30 the crowd dispersed with a hearty " Rah! Rah! Rah!" for the boys of S.H.S.

MEDIA MEANDERINGS: An event that was the most enjoyable one held here for sometime was a surprise party given by the old ladies of the community in honor of the 88th birthday of Mrs. Bacon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Florence Mathers. About 30 of her old friends and neighbors were present and the evening was spent recalling events that had happened when they first started to school. The young people of the Methodist church will give their play in the E.G.Lewis Seed Co. Hall. A yard stick social and public sale is being planned; the proceeds will be used to help improve the town and community. The Community Club met at the Academy and elected as officers the following: President, Mrs. Charles Gibson; Vice-President-Mrs. C.E.Pendarvis; and Secretary-Mrs. Martin. Mr. John Gibson has accepted a position as clerk in the Worden store at Smithshire. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Heap left for Phoenix, Arizona.