The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

The Football Field

Dear Editor,

In the summer of 1948 the La Harpe Football Field as we know it now, was planned. A fund raiser was planned for light and goal posts.

With the help of the farmers and community the lights and goal posts were installed.

The home team was on the south side of the field, with the visitors on the north. A small set of bleachers were installed on the home side.

Most of the people stood on the side lines and moved up and down the field as the teams went up and down the field.

A lot of players have come and gone and the field is still here. This year 2006 we will have the last varsity game played here.

Although time marches on, our memories will still be here. It has been a football field for 58 years, and I hate to see it end.

I appreciate all the players, and all the fans that have made this football field, "A Field of Dreams".

Glenn Gleason

La Harpe

Henderson County Republican Fish Fry

Dear Editor,

Another Republican fish fry has come and gone and as always the fish and chicken were delicious. The men behind the scenes deserve to be recognized. They start the planning months in advance and the days before are very busy with hauling tables and chairs, fryers and most important getting quality fish from Tim Vice and the chicken ready for the fryers.

Then after the event is over, taking down the fryers, hauling back the tables and chairs and putting everything back into storage until next year.

Karen Cole retired after years of getting the rest of the food together, lining up servers and ticket takers and many other thankless jobs. Julie Pence was asked to take over this position this year just one week before the fish fry and everything went off without a hitch.

We would like to recognize these dedicated volunteers for all their hard work.

Susan Higgins
Sandra Keane
Susan Meyer

Dear Editor,

As a retired deputy for Hancock County, I believe it is time for a change in our County Sheriff's office.

I urge you to check out the facts and vote for Scott Floyd for sheriff.

I have known Scott for serveral years and have worked with him in law enforcement.

Scott is very qualified and capable of performing the duties of Sheriff for our county.

His extensive training and experience are an asset to all of the people of the county.

Scott exhibits integrity and honesty in his work. We need accountability for our tax dollars.

Check out our county budget and see where our monies go. All information is public information.

Be informed and ask questions. Hancock County is our county.

Ron Jacobs
Retired Deputy Sheriff

Dear Editor,

As the former Mayor of Nauvoo, I support Scott Floyd for Sheriff of Hancock County. Shortly after being elected to my first term as Mayor in 1993, Nauvoo needed to hire a Deputy Marshall.

After interviewing numerous candidates with various levels of training and experience, I was convinced that Scott Floyd, who had just graduated from the Police Academy, was the man for the job. I can honestly say it was a good choice.

Scott Floyd took his job seriously and always acted in a professional manner.

He was fair and honest and dealt with the public courteously and professionally.

Because of my positive experiences working with Scott in Nauvoo, I strongly support him for the position of Hancock County Sheriff.

I am sure he will make you as proud to call him your sheriff as I was to call him my Deputy Marshall.


Tom Wilson
Former Mayor Nauvoo