The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

"Let's Get the Facts Straight"


Last week's portion of the Heritage Trail program about Stronghurst was wrong.

In 1887 the Chicago, Santa Fe and California Railway Co. purchased 80 acres of land on Nov 8, 1887 from Joseph Dixson. The town was platted on Nov. 18, 1887.

Mr. Dixson entered a contract to become the land agent for the railway on Oct. 21, 1887. He was to receive 8/18th of the net proceeds of all sales. The original plat was 102 acres with the railroad right-of-way being 14 acres.

Additions have been added through the years.

I'm sure many enjoyed the 1987 Centennial Celebration that lasted all year long.

Committee, before you publish, check your facts.

Virginia Ross

Dear Editor:

If you're a working parent, like me, you know the feeling of a morning rush. It is sometimes frustrating, stressful, and always hurried; at least at my house it is.

Then we go to work and hope that whoever is watching our kids is doing a good job...are they getting fed properly, are they getting enough attention, and most of all, are they happy?

These are the people that take your place in your child's eyes everyday.

In my ten years as being a parent, I have had private babysitters, at home daycares, and commercial daycares, some good, some bad.

Small World Children's Center (Stronghurst) has always been there for me as a parent. My youngest goes there everyday. She loves and trusts them.

My older kids go there when there is no school, or because of weather cancellations. They think of this place as a second home, and the teachers, aides, and other kids as a second family.

They treat my kids fairly, kindly, and lovingly. They play games, do crafts, sing songs. They have eaten, slept, cried, learned, and potty trained there; and of course they have kept the old time out chair warm at times too.

They have spent a lot of time there and I have to say, it is a wonderful place for kids.

Sometimes I hear rumors or hear someone say that they would never bring their kids there because-someone said that someone said that something happened in the past-oh please. It saddens me to hear such rumors being passed because this organization works so hard to overcome these rumors that have started long before any of the workers that are there now, were even employed.

As for any present rumors that you hear, I would urge you to visit the center yourself to check them out before passing them. I am sure that you would find any negative things said to be false. Hearsay like this can be so damaging, especially to a business such as a daycare.

In my opinion, this place is great. I don't know what I would do without them. I sure couldn't go to work with the peace of mind that I have everyday.

Diana Lange