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Gladstone Village Board Meeting

The village of Gladstone met at 7:00 p.m. on September 11, 2006 at the Community Building.

Board members discussed the Gladstone welcome sign and the issue was tabled.

The village will send a letter to the adjacent property owner of Gary Gordon's business regarding weeds.

It was voted to have the sidewalk replaced at Randy Ferguson's with the village to pay up to $300 for cement and Rex McKinney to pay for labor.

The board voted to accept Ordinance #139, which is an ordinance amending the water operation ordinance of the Village of Gladstone.

A discussion was held on donation for paint at VFW.

Board members agreed to the color of tile for the Community Building.

The second place finish of the Gladstone Pee Wee's trophy and medallion were placed in the community building.

A motion made by Bielser, seconded by Swanson to order three Linn Street signs, 6 stop signs, and two 20 MPH signs, passed. Bielser will order.

Present were: President Rex McKinney, Clerk Joyce Hetrick, Jr. Bielser, Robert Swanson, Jim Hetrick, Darlene Manes, Linda Seitz and Florence Stewart.