The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to endorse and recommend John Jefferson for Sheriff of Hancock County.

I am a retired "Arson Investigator" for the Office of the State Fire Marshal, Division of Arson Investigation and have had numerous opportunities to work alongside Sheriff John Jefferson. It would be impossible for me to explain the importance he played during these investigations. His knowledge of the law, teamed with his ability to work with the residents was unsurpassed.

Sheriff John Jefferson is extremely dedicated to the citizens he serves and is relentless when it comes to searching out criminals and their associates. He is focused and does what he sets out to do. He is a man of principle and integrity and will stand on those principles without compromise. He has never been afraid of hard work or a new challenge. He takes great pride in what he does. I believe he uses this same dedication in all facets of police work. His mind is sharp and his ability, uncommon.

I sincerely believe Sheriff John Jefferson's experience, maturity, mental acuity and work ethic has made him an ideal "Sheriff." His leadership ability enables him to work with both current and future personnel. He will continue to be a great resource to the county board and work well with them in all future endeavors. The only thing Sheriff Jefferson is unable to do . . . is give less than his best to any given undertaking. His best is always outstanding!

I know you are considering more than one candidate, but I feel you only have one true choice, Sheriff John Jefferson.


Ted A. Anderson

Retired Arson Investigator

Midway, GA

Dear Editor:

Scott Floyd has my vote and support for Hancock County Sheriff in the upcoming election.

In my opinion Scott has all the qualifications to make a good decision no matter what the situation for all parties concerned whether it be the victim or the perpetrator. Scott shows compassion as well as strength when dealing with the public.

I also believe Scott is a proactive not just a reactive police officer. It is better to prevent a situation than clean up after it. Scott also realizes that officers need to be trained and equipped. He also is aware that the cost for these are paid for by the taxpayers and people he serves.

I feel Scott realizes that to run an effective efficient sheriff's office and jail it takes dedicated people that have a respect for all persons, rights and property.

Scott knows as I do that you have to be dedicated and want to serve, sometimes above and beyond, to be able to have a feeling of gratification for serving the public.

Please join with me on election day and vote for Scott Floyd for Sheriff.


Jerald L. Floyd

Retired City Marshal

Plymouth - Dallas City - Nauvoo.

P.S. I have not been paid or promised a position with the Sheriff Department for this letter of support should Scott Floyd be elected.

Dear Editor:

Scott Floyd will make an excellent sheriff for Hancock County. We owned a business in Nauvoo and have known Scott for many years. We feel he is a man of integrity.

We have the grand privilege of voting in this country and we need to exercise that right. Y"all get out and vote.

Dan Hahl

Melva Hahl