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Gladstone Board Discusses Lynn Street

At the regular board meeting held on October 9th, a motion was made by Robert Swanson, seconded by Darlene Manes to have the village start preparing Lynn Street for use. This included removing the brush. The motion failed on a vote of 4 nays and 2 ayes.

A motion was made by Jim Hetrick, seconded by Swanson, to have Attorney Mike Neff notify the owner of the property adjacent to Lynn Street that it's been surveyed and the village intends to remove brush and use the street. Motion carried.

Chad Frederick from WIRC gave an update on a possible water grant and suggested a public hearing be held prior to the November board meeting.

John Roegiers reported the increase cost estimate from the original grant planning.

Russell Calkins presented a resume for a certified contract operator with a Class B license to help with the Gladstone water system. Jenna Link currently holds the position.

Jim Hetrick will talk to B. L. Robinson of Burlington, IA regarding a new switch to run the water pump automatically.

Hetrick also expressed concern of water customers starting and stopping service without the village being notified.

Florence Stewart reported the women's rest room at the community building has a crack in the stool.

Rex McKinney requested removal of the lawn watering notice.

Mayor McKinney reported he'd talked to Sherwin-Williams regarding paint for the VFW at $85 for the first 5 gallons. Sherwin-Williams will donate the next 10 gallons.

A motion by Swanson that due to the VFW being turned over to Monmouth, he suggested the paint issue be dropped. The motion was seconded by Manes and was tied with 3 ayes and 3 nays. The tie breaking vote of nay by Mayor McKinney caused the motion to fail.

Trick or Treat night was set for Tuesday, October 31 from 5:30-8:00 p.m.

It was voted to accept bids for snow removal for the upcoming winter season. Bids are due by 7:00 p.m. at November's board meeting.

A motion was made by Jr. Bielser to donate the $50 collected by Joyce Hetrick from Heritage Trail vendors to the Henderson County Historical Society. The motion was seconded by Hetrick and passed by the group.

The board voted to appropriate $1534.63 of the motor fuel tax funds for a supplement for 2003.