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Moment In History

CARMAN TOWNSHIP: Shoquokon (now generally known as Shokokon or Shok) was only a river landing in early days but developed into a thriving settlement, doing a good business of shipping and merchandising.

It was laid out by Robert McQueen. Henry Babcock came in 1836 and William Marsden in 1842.

H.H.Barnes, Sr. with his uncle, J.K. Barnes arrived in 1837 and located here. J.K. went back East, but H.H. stayed, boarding with Robert McQueen while he built a log cabin. In June 1838 he went to the woods of Minnesota to work.

A raft of 5,000 logs was prepared to be brought down river, but owing to the hostile Indians, it was abandoned.

It was brought down the next year.

1911 History of Henderson County