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Community Spotlight


By Holly Willdrick Quill Reporter

National Fire Prevention week was October 8-14.

Last Friday the La Harpe Volunteer Fire Department made a visit to the La Harpe grade school.

Several volunteer firemen took time out of their day to teach the kids about fire safety.

After students gathered in the gymnasium, Wes Carpenter explained the different gear and equipment that the fireman use at a fire. He also explained what students should do in the event of a fire at their home. Many students had questions which firemen took the time to answer.

Outside, Fire Chief Jerry Brown along with Daniel Carpenter, Ryan Johnson, Jason Siegworth, and Doug Hobby showed the proper way to exit a building on fire.

The kids filed into the smoke house and waited for the smoke alarms to go off. They were then to exit the house calmly and go to the tree which had been designated as their meeting place. They continued over to the play yard where Justin Livingston was showing the kids how to put out a fire and how to operate a fire hose. Each child took a turn trying to spray water through a window of a cut out house.

Before going back to their rooms, each child was given a fire safety packet or water bottle to take home. They were encouraged to go home and talk to their parents about their "fire safety plan" and to make sure that they had a meeting place.

Next time you see a volunteer fireman out and about, let them know you appreciate what they do. Not for just talking to our children during fire prevention week, but for being on call, everyday, in case they are needed to come to our homes.

Friday, firemen tour students from La Harpe grade school through "the firehouse" to learn the proper procedure in exiting a burning building.