The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Community:

I thought we would let everyone know how La Harpe Davier Health Care Center is coming along.

To my amazement this community has pulled together and supported our faculty.

I am very humbled and proud that God led me here to work for all of you and the residents. The residents are the reason I accepted this position and then when I saw how much the community worked for this facility, I was so impressed.

We have also got all but two months of our state money. Because we are a small and community owned facility there will always be a shortage of funds and always needs to be met.

A lot of new things have been happening and I will update you on this.

The Sherman Williams stores in Macomb, Burlington, IA, Keokuk, IA, and Quincy; along with Diamond Vogel of Burlington, Iowa and Bentzinger's of Carthage donated all the paint, rollers, tape, brushes and pans to be able to paint each resident's room.

The residents have been able to pick the colors they want and are so excited about this.

We have had individual volunteers that have been coming in to help us. We have had one church that has talked about adopting a wing to help get things done.

This is a great idea. If any of the churches or others clubs would like to follow suit we would be grateful. In fact any volunteers to do anything would be appreciated.

We have had Interiors by Phillip's in Fort Madison, Iowa willing to give us a great deal on carpet for the day room. She will give us a $3,600.00 piece of carpet for $850.00. We are trying go get this accomplished and have had several donations already.

Elvis is a great hit with our residents and has been here several times in the past, and will be coming again in December.

We hope to have an open house in December to show the public what we have been doing to up-grade the facility.

Again, if anyone would like to come in and volunteer for any kind of work please let us know. We even would like to have entertainment if you would be willing, as our residents enjoy music, singing, reading and just visiting.

So, if you are led in this direction please let us know.

Also Deb Becker, DON and I would be more than happy to speak at any occasion or at meetings if you would like for us to.

Janice Fink

Dear Editor,

This letter is for the citizens of Hancock County.

Scott Floyd is a highly decorated Gulf War Veteran and police officer. He has dedicated himself to both his country and his citizens.

I have sat down and talked to Scott numerous times about police problems and no matter if Scott is working or not he still takes the time to sit down, listen and try to help.

So, when I kept hearing about his signs being taken and the never ending ridicule that Scott Floyd supporters have been taking, I thought to myself, what kind of people have the right or think they have the right to ridicule or take something from someone because of who they have decided to support in the Sheriff's election?

People have the right to support who ever they want for any reason, whether it is education, experience, or because they like the color of their eyes. It doesn't matter-it is their right as Americans.

Please let people make their decisions based on the candidate's qualifications.

Those people who find it necessary to ridicule others or continue to stir the pot, please at least be man or woman enough to step forward and admit it.

Scott Floyd is an understanding, caring, and honest person. He is very proud of the DARE program and the kids he has taught every year in the 6th grade for the last 11 years.

He told me once; we must educate the kids and give them a chance because they will be running things in the future.

We need to at least get them informed about the drugs and hope they get enough from this program to make the right choice when they are faced with the many pressures from today's world.

Mary Jordan|