The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

By Holly Willdrick, Quill Reporter


Mark Hanson is the Lay Pastor for the United Presbyterian Church of Fountain Green.

He was asked to fill the pulpit at the Fountain Green Church after several members had heard him speak at the Festival of Faith in 1999.

He really wasn't looking for a full time position at the time but agreed to come and speak a few Sundays in August of 1999.

In January 2000 he signed a contract with the church. Up until this point he was a "pulpit supply" pastor filling in for local pastors while they were on vacation or sick, or when a church was in between pastors. He did this mostly in the Carthage, Hamilton, and Elvaston communities.

He enjoys being in the small churches because "you have more one on one contact" with your congregation.

He grew up in Golden's Point Church which is also a small church. This is the church were his Great Great Grandfather was a founding father back in the 1850's.

Mark along with his congregation are working on their up coming God's Portion Day lunch and auction that will be held on Nov. 18. They offer maidrites, soup, chicken and biscuit, and pie for lunch and will have several items up for auction.

The money raised from this event will go towards their building fund.

They are raising the money in hopes to build a new fellowship hall. They also support a children's home in Effingham.

Mark and his wife, Carolyn, have two sons, David (Christy) and Greg (Sonia). David and Christy are expecting their first child any day now and will make them grandparents for the first time.

When Mark is not busy with the church or farming he enjoys hunting and fishing and recently taught a hunting safety course. He also enjoys most any sport, music and singing.