The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Moment In Histroy

Spanish American War-When volunteers were called for service in the Philippine Islands, a number of Henderson County boys responded.

All who enlisted returned home except one-William A. Bryans enlisted in the 4th Regt. U.S.Infantry.

During a battle with the natives, he was wounded by a shot through both hips and was invalided home.

He died in San Francisco shortly after landing and his remains were brought home and buried. Edward H. Scott of Lomax enlisted in the regular army and narrowly escaped death by a bolo in the hands of a Philippine rebel; he was cut from his cheek bone almost to his waist by the point of the weapon but recovered from his wound and returned safely home.

Charles E. Long of Olena enlisted in Go.G, 6th U.S.Infantry, and after seeing much hard service returned home unscathed.

1911 History of Henderson County