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Moment In History

Lomax Township: In 1838 Samuel Logan came from Fayette County, Ind. and settled in the southern part of the township.

He was an honorably discharged soldier of the War of 1812. He abandoned Indiana when more and more settlers arrived and sought to return to the wilderness.

Noble McKim arrived shortly thereafter followed by Jonathan Nichols, Robert Crownover and Andrew Stice in 1839.

George W. Logan came from Indiana in 1841 but soon returned to the Hoosier state until returning in1853. The following is a listing of early arrivals: Captain Samuel Summers 1833; John Paul 1844; Michael Crane1835; W.H.Gittings 1838.Jacob Millman appeared in 1837.

His father had been a Hessian soldier employed by the British in the Revolutionary War. Being taken prisoner by American forces at Trenton, N.J., he enlisted in the American Army and fought the British.

1911 History of Henderson County