The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

I Missed It!

By Elaine Slater Reese

At six in the morning, that twenty pound cold, naked bird looked just plain ugly! I had to remember that in several hours he would be a scrumptious golden brown on that turkey tray.

I covered him with foil, and he was in the oven. There were salads to make, vegetables to prepare. Thank goodness, I had made the pies late the night before. Tablecloths, dishes, silverware, napkins, decorations - soon the house did look like company was coming.

Stir up the stuffing, get the noodles and sweet potatoes in the crock pots - don't forget to make the punch. Suddenly I realized I better hop in the shower - or it would not happen today! I was barely dressed when the doorbell rang incessantly. The first company had arrived.

The rest of the day seemed a blur. Get one thing done - it was time to do the next. Enjoy conversations and grandchildren. It seemed there were people in every room. Oh, no! The three year old is feeding turkey to the cat (who is, of course, on the sofa). "Mom, Jake just spilled red punch on the carpet. How do you want me to clean it up?"

Then there was the roar from the family room. I knew the football game had started and all the coaches in my family were yelling instructions to the players. It's just amazing that the players make more money than they do!

It seemed that just about the time we finally got the tables cleared, the food put away, and the dishes done, the teenagers decided they were already hungry again. And so it went. What a great day! I was sad when it was time for all the guests to leave. But when the door closed behind the last one, I realized I am not thirty any more - not forty, either!

How great to sink into the bed and reflect on what a great day it had been - good company, good food, good conversation! AND THEN I REALIZED!!! I SAT STRAIGHT UP BED!!! Oh, no!! I MISSED IT! I MISSED IT! I MISSED THANKSGIVING.

I had done all the usual things one does on this holiday - EXCEPT FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT! There had been no thanks-giving in my heart. I had taken no time to express my gratitude for my blessings. I made up my mind - I will not wait for the November holiday to express my gratitude. I will give thanks each day.