The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

A Candlelight Vigil Helps Cope With Loss

The public is invited to the 7th Annual Candlelighting Ceremony in Oquawka Friday, Novemeber 25th. The ceremony has been held annually since 2000, for all of those that have lost a loved one or dear friend.

Lydia Williamson, of Oquawka, began this tradition after losing her eldest son in a car accident in May of 2000. She found it difficult to get through the holidays so she decided to involve her family and friends in a candlelight vigil.

Christmas music is played as well as a few spiritual hymns for the holidays. A Christmas tree is set at the end of Schyler Street in Oquawka at the Oquawka Museum stage.

Participants are invited to bring an ornament to share. The ornaments are kept and placed on the following years's tree unless otherwise noted by the participant.

Pastor Mark Nowkawski, of the