The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher

Meet Your Neighbor Marjory Barber of Media.

Marjory has worked at a photo studio in Burlington, Iowa, the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant in Middletown, Iowa, and has done painting and lettering of trucks.

She served as Chairman of the Henderson-Warren County Art Shows which encouraged and rewarded local artists. She was never lucky enough to go to college to study art, she said.

Due to Mac Pogue and Carl Shelton she was offered a teaching job at Carl Sandburg which she did for 11 years. That changed her status from Amateur artist to professional.

A self-taught artist, she began sketching in pencil at age six, and drew everyone in her grade school. At age 13 she began using oils to paint.

In high school, Principal Garold D. Holstine let her take 3 courses by correspondent at home and she took private lessons one summer at Monmouth College in pastels.

She took two correspondent courses from Minnesota and New York and has received awards from WIU, Minneapolis Art Institute.

Her most famous portraits were the 3 oil paintings of the late Clarence E. Neff, State Representative commission for the Illinois House, the Bank of Stronghurst, and his wife Elaine; and a painting of Senator Everett M. Dirkson of Illinois which hangs in his museum. The State House photo of Mr. Neff now hangs at The Quill office in Stronghurst.

Marjorie was born in Media in her grandfather's home on July 24, 1923, the daughter of Frank H. and Eurie Graham. She graduated from Media High School in 1940. She married Cliff Barber who was a police officer.

Now a widow, her claim to fame is that she is the oldest lady in Media, 83. Besides painting, she enjoys working for the church, traveling and helping with dinners, and her family.

She has one son, David Barber, wife Andy of Raritan; and two daughters, Linda Gearhart (Larry), Media, and Susan Hart, Kirkwood; several grandchildren and great grandchildren, and one sister, Dorothy who resides in Corpus Christi, Texas.