The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Moment In History

Carman Township: Continuation of cistern murder: The Southern stranger was referred to a roadhouse for lodging for the night. A man had passed before the Southerner telling of his wealth. A plot was formed: the proprietor of the hotel would put the man out so that he would have to seek other accommodations.

A horse was then to be brought from a lot nearby and the stranger accused of horse thievery and hung. His wealth split by parties involved.

As accordance to the plan, the landlord expressed great indignation that the man was a Southerner and drove him from the house first charging him five dollars for supper. The Southerner obtained lodging elsewhere and in the meantime a horse with a pack was tied to some brush.

About ten o'clock a party of men surrounded the house and dragged the man from his bed, whipped him brutally to elicit a confession as to the theft of the horse and then hung him until they thought him dead. His hands were cut off and his body thrown into a little creek nearby. -to be continued.

1911 History of Henderson County