The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Moment In History

In 1911 Henderson County had five incorporated villages, viz: Oquawka, Stronghurst, Gladstone, Biggsville and Media and five unincorporated villages: Terre Haute, Raritan, Lomax, Carman and Decorra. A small portion of Dallas City lies in this county, but the majority of it is in Hancock County.

Oquawka was platted in 1836 by its proprietors and various additions were made thereafter.

It was incorporated as a village in 1842. In 1853 the village voted $25,000 in bonds toward the Peoria & Oquawka Railroad; for which it never got any value whatever and the taxation to pay which, imposed a terrific burden upon the village for many years, practically obstructing its progress.

Litigation over these bonds, however, about the close of the nineteenth century resulted in their being declared invalid.

In 1871 the form of government was changed to City Government. This continued until 1880 when the citizens voted to resume village organization.

Oquawka enjoys the unique distinction of having been the county seat of two counties.

It was the first county seat of Warren County and since the organization of Henderson County, it has been the county seat there.

1911 History of Henderson County