The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

By Holly Willdrick/The Quill


Meet your veteran and neighbor Dale W. Shutwell, born January 27, 1927 at La Harpe, the son of Fred and Margaret (Maynard) Shutwell.

He attended the Bradshaw School for 8 years and graduated from La Harpe High School in 1944. After high school he enlisted in the US Navy and left for duty on Dec. 25, 1944.

His boot training was served at Great Lakes Naval Training Center and from there he went on to Newport, Rhode Island for diesel training school. After his schooling he was sent to Baltimore, MD. and was on AGP15, the Callisto.

During his time with the Callisto they went on a shakedown and then left from Norfolk, VA and went through the Panama Canal to the Hawaiian Islands and the various islands in the South Pacific, Antewietoch, Guam and then the Phillipines.

He was transferred to AGP13, the Cyrene, for a short time before being transferred back to the Callisto. At this time they were shipped back to San Francisco where they were discharged in June 1946.

In August of 1946 Dale married Eleanor Thompson at the Union Church in La Harpe. They became parents of Linda Kay (deceased 1949), Ken (deceased 1987), and Ted (Rosann) of La Harpe.

He has three grandchildren Jared (KaDee) Shutwell of Carthage, Willo and Anna Shutwell of La Harpe.

He is also grandfather to one great grandaughter, Madelyn Shutwell of Carthage.

Dale is a lifetime farmer and retired in 1997. However he does continue to do some farm duties like mowing and spraying.

During his time in the Navy he made three life-time friends, who have gotten together many times over the years.