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Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

La Harpe Kindergarten

Overflowing for "06-'07

Kindergarten orientation was held last Friday and it was more than obvious that the room was overflowing.

There are 33 students enrolled for the 2006-2007 school year. Several of these students are high risk students and will need extra attention on a daily basis.

We know that Mrs. Crim is a more than adequate teacher and can and has done wonderful things with her students in the past. Our concern is, with that many students needing one on one help that she will be overwhelmed.

At what point do we bring in another teacher to make sure that the children are getting the attention they need to make sure that this is a learning environment.

We understand that the school board had looked into this issue and we are pleased to hear this. However, no decision has been made at this time.

We ask that you please consider adding an additional teacher to the kindergarten staff. Not just so the children with additional needs get that attention but so all the children get the attention they need.

We are concerned for all the children and want to make sure that everyone of them has an adequate learning environment.

Concerned Parents
Amanda Palmer
Nicole Wetterling
Jenni Richardson
Dawn Todd
Tracy Hocker

Dear Editor:

One More View of

People Helping People

It is very evident that the majority of Americans think that it is a huge mistake to help the people of Iraqi establish a democracy, considering the cost in lives and finances.

Many like to compare Iraq with Vietnam.

As you may recall, America pulled out of Vietnam due to the public opinion and then watched the slaughter of the South Vietnamese people after we left.

Speaking of slaughter of innocent people, Sadam Hussein slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people.

Were we, the most humanitarian nation, supposed to stand by and let him continue to do these acts of violence?

It is too bad we couldn't take out bin Laden when we had him on the run in Afghanistan. (It was recently reported that he was hiding out in Pakistan).

Some of us believe that if we pull out of Iraq, al-Quaida will follow us back to the U.S.

If you doubt it, you must have forgotten 9/11 and just what happened after America failed to respond to the first World Trade Center bombing and failed to act when our Marine barracks, our Navy ships, and other American targets were attacked by al-Quaida.

As you know, terrorists are found in basically every country and if we give them an inch, they think they can get a mile. Terrorists seek to replace the U.S. as the most powerful force in the world.

A "few" generals have protested about mistakes which have been made in Iraq. Unfortunately, we do not hear much from the hundreds of officers in the field who are dedicated to the Bush, Rice, and Rumsfeld team efforts.

They need to talk more about successes. The news media tends to emphasize the negative sides. Lasting peace and justice are wonderful things which we all want. However, sometimes they come with a heavy price.

Unfortunately, the war has taken many lives and costs are exorbitant. Many say that we should be dealing with our own problems such as borders, oil exploration, and there are many world problems such as the AID's epidemic in Africa, millions of starving people, disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, which should receive higher priorities.

Once we get terrorism under control, we can then give the other very important problems their rightful priorities. If we don't control terrorism, we won't have to worry about the other problems.

Weyman George

Letter To Mothers

By Elaine Slater Reese

May 2006

Dear Mother,

I hear your heart pounding in anticipation and expectancy as the nurse places your first baby in your arms.

You look at that miracle of life. Never have you experienced emotions like this.

You are so excited about what the future will bring - and question if you can meet the responsibilities.

Know that I have chosen YOU for this task.

I have chosen you to love and teach this child.

With my help, you can do it. Soon you will understand that it is not just a job but a privilege.

Of course, I expect you to provide the necessities - food, medical attention, shelter.

But you will shape this little one's thoughts and heart.

He will feel the warmth of your body in the security of your hugs.

He will feel safe in knowing you are always there for him.

He will learn to see the world through your eyes and thoughts.

I know you will love and nurture this child. But I have a special request of you, please.

So many times throughout the years, you will want to give him gifts.

Know the greatest and most lasting gift you can give him is to teach him to know me - to know me as his Savior and best friend.

I ask that each day you tell him how much you love him - but also tell him how much I love him.

Give him the memory of daily hearing his mother praying for him.

Thank you.

With all my love,

Father God