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Moment In History

Daniel McCue, long time resident of Henderson County, died in 1887 without a will.

He owned a considerable amount of land and had no children but left surviving him was his supposed wife, Mercy McCue.

The brothers and sisters of McCue disputed her claim to said lands and hired a fancy attorney, Rufus Cope, from Clay County, Illinois to represent them.

The lawyer traced Mercy McCue back to Ionia County, Mich. where she had married James McKean in 1856 and he had gone West in 1864.

Some claimed that he was dead but others thought him to be living.

The lawyer finally located Mr. McKean in Anaconda, Deer Lodge County, Mont. Mr. McKean said he had written his wife but had ceased to hear from her and received word that she had drowned.

Lawyer Cope proceeded to file for partition of the land in circuit Court alleging that Mercy McCue had no interest in it for the reason that she was not lawfully married to the deceased Daniel McCue.

A deposition from James McKean could not be used as he was her lawful husband.

In 1889 in Circuit Court before Judge Glenn the contentions of the brothers and sisters were allowed and Mercy McCue lost her claim.

1911 History of Henderson County