The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

Last Sunday, my son Tyler Hoffmeister was chosen by Bob Knight and his staff as the winner of the ESPN reality show, "Knight School".

I know there were a lot of folks around La Harpe and old La Harpers that are no longer around the area that followed "Knight School" and rooted for Tyler.

Marsha and I want to let you know how much we appreciate you watching the show.

We have received numerous emails and phone calls congratulating Tyler and saying so many wonderful things.

What moved us the most were not all the comments we heard about his basketball ability, but rather the compliments about his poise, character, and humility.

As his parents, this has been especially rewarding to hear about our child.

We are truly blessed to have such good, caring friends.

After all the years, and all the miles, our hearts still feel the tug from my little home town of La Harpe.

Bob, Marsha,
Grant and Tyler Hoffmeister
The Woodlands, TX 77058

Dear Editor,

Last Tuesday voters in Dallas City, La Harpe, and Carthage passed the school reorganization referendum (convergence).╩What a great outcome, but now the real work begins.╩

The school boards that will be elected in the upcoming November election must be outstanding in their vision, and they must hire highly-qualified superintendents, principals, and staff.

These quality leadership teams must work together to make the new districts realize their full potential.╩ Anything short of that will not satisfy the trust shown by our "Yes" voters nor quiet the skepticism of our "No" voters.

In preparation for the November 7, 2006 election, school board candidates may take out and circulate "Candidate Petitions" between May 23 and August 28, 2006.╩August 28 is the last date that these petitions may be filed in order to be a candidate on the November ballot.

On behalf of the Committee of Ten and the school boards of all three community unit districts, I extend deep appreciation to everyone who supported our effort to reorganize our schools.╩

We've made a good start, and there are many additional, important steps to take.

Unity for Opportunity.

Walt Swearingen,

Dear Editor,

The State of Illinois and Nursing Homes

In this election year we've seen commercials about what the State of Illinois is doing.

It is important to also know what the State of Illinois is not doing. They are not paying their bills.

The State of Illinois ranks 49th among the 50 states in their Medicaid disbursement per person.

It is not unusual for a nursing home facility providing the same level of care in any of our bordering states to receive $30.00 or more per day per resident.

And our neighboring states stay current in their payments. As of March 24, 2006, Illinois is over five months behind and we are led to expect it will be six months before back payments will be received.

A freeze was put on what the State of Illinois would pay per resident four years ago. One year later they cut even that, 5 percent more. One year ago they reinstated the 5 percent cut, but the original freeze is still in effect, and has been extended at least another year.

Nationwide, 70 percent of those in nursing homes are public aid and 30 percent are private pay. Ten years ago those numbers were easily reversed.

In the opinion of many educators, accountants, and administrators in the nursing home industry, 50 percent of the nursing home facilities in Illinois could close in the next two years if something doesn't change.

This situation is well known in the nursing home industry in Illinois, but not well known by the general public. It should be.

Mrs. Patricia W. Painter

Mrs. Marcia Stiller

La Harpe-Davier Health Care Center-Nursing Home Board Members