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Wind Energy Meeting At West Central Cafeteria


Could this Windmill be part of West Central in the future?

Make plans to hear a presentation based upon a wind energy feasibility study conducted for the school by Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development.

In cooperation with the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau, the program is being sponsored by West Central School District, the Henderson County Board and Prairie Hills Resource Conservation Development.


•Wind energy information based on wind speed recorded at the high school

*Green electrical energy produced by wind generators

*Actual weather data utilized in classroom by science teachers.

This meeting is for the public and will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. this Saturday, March 25th at the West Central Elementary Cafeteria, North Campus, Biggsville.

Nine schools within Prairie Hills' six county area are participating in a year long wind resource study.

A $15,000 grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation allowed Prairie Hills to purchase Davis Instrument's PRO Weather Stations.

Participating schools are Fulton County: Avon and Cuba, Hancock County:Hamilton and Nauvoo-Colusa, Henderson County: Biggsville, Knox County: Abingdon and Galesburg, McDonough County: Macomb, Warren County: Roseville.

The year long study of wind energy will be assessed at each school. Students will explore meteorology and learn about possible alternative energy production and contribute to an updated wind resource map for the region.

A pre-feasibility study for wind turbine production at three various energy demand levels will be completed this year 2006.

Plan to come this Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m., March 25th to Biggsville West Central Elementary Cafeteria, North Campus, and hear information on capturing some of our natural resources.

Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development for 29 years has been assisting Henderson County along with five other counties: Hancock, McDonough, Warren, Fulton and Knox, with projects that help with economic development, renewable energy, rural fire protection and much more.

Prairie Hills is looking for new ideas to continue their support with local issues and are open to suggestions. There are openings on the councils in Henderson, Knox and Fulton counties. If you feel you would be interested in helping with economic development, community infrastructure, renewable energy and much more, please contact Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development at 309-833-4747 to discuss joining or sponsoring the council.