The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

La Harpe Schools Will Converge

The questions on convergence has been answered for voters in La Harpe, Dallas City, and Carthage School Districts after a majority vote in each district cast a "yes" vote during Tuesday's Primary Election in each of the three school districts.

The question asked that the three districts be dissolved and a new school district be established with the authority to levy taxes and provide for the election for members of the board of a new high school district, two from each elementary school district and one at large.

The school board members will be elected at November's General Election, 240 days away.

Results of the vote in each district are as follows in

Hancock County only:

La Harpe Yes 445, No 212

Dallas City Yes 206, No 130

Carthage Yes 768, No 527

1419 Yes/Hancock
869 No/Hancock

Republican ballot.

Delbert Kreps Wins Bid

In other races of contest with local interest, for County Board District 2, Delbert G. Kreps (453) won over incumbent Robert L. Mapes (313) and challenger Mike Gooding (271) on the Republican ballot.

For County Board in District 1 Kenneth Nudd (347) over Joseph L. Stevenson (321).

For County Bopard in District 4 Steven A. Bolton (194) over Randy A. White (156).

For County Board in District 5 Stephen M. Finney (494) over Edward J. Owen (460).

Although state wide- Judy Baar Topinka got the nod for the Govenor's race in November, Hancock County voters gave the nod to Jim Oberweis (888) with Topinka coming in second with (637), Bill Brady (484) and Gidwitz (244), Andy Martin (30).

DEMOCRAT ballot.

Paul L. Mangieri Wins Close One

In a close race on the Democratic Ballot, Paul L. Mangieri, Treasurer reaped 436 votes over Alexander Giannolias (427).

Mangieri will be facing Christine Radogno which Republicans gave 1718 votes (unopposed).

Democrats also gave Governor Rod R. Blagozevich (706) votes over challenger Edwin Eisendraft (284).

Running Unopposed:

Congressman Lane A. Evans (D) received 909 votes.

County Clerk Kerry Asbridge (D) received 934 votes.

County Treasurer Beverly Markey (D) received 934 votes.

State Representative 94th District Richard "Rich" Myers (R) 1968 votes.

Regional Supt. of Schools (Hancock-McDonough) Gary L. Eddington (R) 1957 votes.