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Primary Election Is Just Around the Corner

The 2006 Primary Election in Hancock County is this Tuesday, March 21, just around the corner.

According to County Clerk Kerry Asbridge, Hancock County has 35 precincts with no change in polling places this year.

Hancock County has about 13,139 registered voters and offers early voting from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. weekdays at the County Clerk's Office, Elections Department, 1st Floor, at the Courthouse in Carthage which began February 27th.

The only Primary Election contest within Hancock county is for Republican County Board District 2.

Two candidates will be nominated.

Candidates are:

Incumbents Robert Mapes of Disco and Mike Gooding of LaPrairie.

The challenger is Delbert Kreps of La Harpe. County Board District 2 has seven precincts.

School reorganization is a big issue that is on the ballot in three unit districts: La Harpe Community Unit District #335, Dallas City Community Unit District #336, and Carthage Community Unit District #338.

Each district must approve the reorganization by a simple majority vote, Asbridge said.

The school reorganization vote would establish a high school district with an educational fund tax rate of 1.05%, operations and maintenance tax rate of .35%, and a transportation tax rate of .12%.

The school board would be elected at an upcoming election.

The high school district would be established commencing July 1, 2007.

Each of the existing unit districts - La Harpe, Dallas City, and Carthage - would establish elementary districts.

The proposed elementary district's tax rates vary - but are included in the ballot language. Those three school boards would also be elected at an upcoming election. The elementary districts would be established commencing July 1 2007, too.

La Harpe Community Unit District Number 335 includes two precincts in Henderson County, one precinct in McDonough County, and six precincts in Hancock County.

Dallas City Community District Number 336 includes one precinct in Henderson County and three precincts in Hancock County.

Carthage Community School District Number 338 includes eleven precincts in Hancock County.

Voters in the school districts may request a "nonpartisan" ballot and vote only on the school reorganization.

The first returns are expected by 8:15 p.m. and all returns are expected by 10:15 p.m.

Hancock County uses the Election systems and Software M-100 optical scan voting system.

Hancock County is in the 17th Congressional District and the Third appellate district precinct.

Remember to vote!