The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Moment In History

MURDER AND MAYHEM: In 1892 wealth farmer, Robert B. Rankin of Monmouth, started West on the C.B.&Q. for Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, on business. A Mr. Preston from Biggsville talked with Rankin on the train between Monmouth and Biggsville in the smoking car where two or three other men were present. Preston left the train at Biggsville and when the train reached Burlington, Rankin had disappeared. After several days the family instituted a search for him; detectives were hired and on Feb.24, seven days after his disappearance, a plush cap was found in an eddy at the Iowa bank of the river about one mile below the Burlington bridge. It corresponded with the cap worn by Rankin when he left home and bore the trademark of the Monmouth store where Rankin bought his wearing apparel.

(To be continued)1911 History of Henderson County