The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Today Is Flag Day!

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher

Today June 14th, is Flag Day, and in Biggsville cemetery alone, there are 180 reasons why patriots feel Americans should fly their flags today.

Pictured at right is Michael Cook, grandson of Russell and Barb Liston of Biggsville. Michael is ready to play a drum roll as part of the ceremony he and others took part in from around the Biggsville community as a memorial to soldiers who served their country. Michael's great grandfather, C. L. "Skinny" Cook, who served in World War II, is buried there.

As part of Memorial Day services, the Boy Scouts of America had placed flags on the 180 graves of Veterans in the Biggsville Cemetery in honor for their service under the United States' precious flag.

All but 15 of the veterans had served during time of war.

25 in the Civil War,

4 in the Spanish American War,

50 in World War I,

67 in World War II,

15 in the Korean War and

4 during the Vietnam Conflict.

Fifteen others served their country, but not during times of war.

A listing of soldiers buried in the Biggsville Cemetery follows:

Civil War:

Fred Anderson, Mildred C. Boyd, Alfred Burrus, Henry C. Clark, C. P. Erwin, Henry O. Garrity, Andrew Graham, Joseph J. Jackson, John H. Jones, James E. Knox, Benjamin J. Lyons, Andrew W. Martin, Alonzo Woodward, John H. McDill, Rev. W. H. Merriam, Robert Mickey, M. M. Rowley, James Seward, J. A. Shafer, Samuel P. Short, Z. T. Staley, David S. Sterett, James G. Stewart, Jacob W. Thorp, Peter Ward

Spanish American War:

William Arthur Nesbit, Frank W. Olson, Clark Reed, Guy Savage

World War I:

Robert E. Baylor, Oakley Colley, Louis E. Dixon, Harold G. Galbraith, Lee Galbraith, Robert A. Glenn, Roy R. Gilland, Clark D. Holmes, Neil Kinzer, Ben McKibben, John McVey, Albert T. Mears, George L. Munson, Mitchell Norgart, Charles H. Rhoades, Samuel Earl Bigger, Lloyd Whiteman, Arthur Bergren, J. Marshall Gibb, Shelby A. Brown, Clifford F. Worden, Fred Polloschek, Chester Adair, Chester Law, Harold H. Schweitzer, Owen Seward, Fred Stanbury, Lee Stewart, Carl Swanson, Roy Weir, Loyd Swanson, Clendon Welch, Eddie Wiegand, Dean Whiteman, Elizabeth Whiteman, Archie Seymour, J. W. Walston, Amos Forgey, Rex Mudd, George Millen, Albert Rommel, Lee Allaman, Roy M. Whiteman, Ray Whitman, Joseph Glenn Edwards, Harold A. Renwick, A. C. Carpenter, Lloyd Patterson, Arthur W. Boyer, Benjamin D. Hill Jr.

World War II:

Edwin Boughton, B. Gale Bigger, Max Dixon, Charles E. J. Hoscheck, Robert Jamison, James B. Nelson, John Smerechink, Dillard H. Smith, Robert Shults, Richard G. Wilber, Glenn. W. Wilson, Glenn Verigan, Doris Jamison Davis, David G. Timmons, Peter Owen Sistler, C. Russell Ray, John Law, James WM. Stewart, Dale W. Olson, Clifford L. Cook, Dell D. Allen, Jack B. Gibb, Edwin D. VanTine, Ben Hasting, Wendell L. Claybaugh, Arthur N. Sederwall, Reed Davis, Charles Sebastian, Herman Warden, David Cook, Harley Worden, Don Kelly, William K. Stevenson, William A. Larkins, Robert Tidd, Marvin D. Hindman, Jack O. Gillen, Jack Nelson, Robert Alecock, Dale Adair, Glen Dean Rankin, Rudolph Gall, William F. Whiteman, Earl M. Oaks Sr., Lonnie Bigger, Raymond H. Renard, Milton B. Whiteman, Chester White, Donn F. Price, Morris Brown, John Hoskins, Glenn Rouse, C. Graham Randall, Clarence Pepmeyer Jr., Boyd D. Booton, James Hignight, John Waterman, Robert K. Burkett, Quentin Snider, Edwin E. Day, Loren Lee Cochran, Raymond McAllister, A. Ray Albert, Lawrence R. Tomlin, Earl L. Jacobs Sr., Vincent Jacobs, Franklin C. Jacobs

Korean War:

Harry L. Alecock, Robert Noble, Robert Nolan, Chester J. Pappenau, Jack Salyers, Glen A. Smith, Franklin Gary Stevenson, Jr. McDowell, Harry Leon Webb, Robert R. Bielser, C. Graham Randall, Richard Alecock, Edwin E. Day, John L. Davis, Kenneth Spears

Vietnam War:

Milford Don Isaacson, Ray Monville, Robert R. Bielser, Ralph E. Salyers


United States Army

Robert L. Price, Mas G. Ferguson, William Dan Adair, Clyde Eddie Gray, John D. "Jack" Bishop, Gary L. Buchanan and Don Seitz

United States Navy

Marvin Hindman, Jr., Wm. Bryon Stevenson, Steven Toney and James Owen Mitchell

United States Air Force

Duane Ray Larkins

United States Marines

Ronald E. Bigger

Illinois National Guard

William L. Stewart and Unknown Soldier