The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

By Dessa Rodeffer/Quill Publisher


Meet your neighbors, Pastor George and Linda Knox of Stronghurst. "Pastor George" has been minister of the United Methodist Church in Stronghurst the past 7 years and is retiring after August 6th, his last Sunday in the pulpit.

Linda was forced to retire from PSC Fabricating in Galesburg after the company closed a few years ago, and the couple will move to Ozark, Missouri.

George has taken a job as a Home Inspector mostly for potential buyers, and Linda will be looking for office work, she said.

The couple grew up together in Yates City and were married in 1973.

They have one daughter Christinia who lives in Galesburg. They have three grandsons.

Pastor Knox said, highlights of his stay in Stronghurst are putting in a video projection system at the church with a new multimedia system.

"I am proud of that as it is a first in the area." The project was not to take away, but to bring variety to their music and draw more young people.

Also the midweek refueling service WASP (Wednesday After School Program) which is a praise service that is Contemporary and casual. A dinner was served. Pastor Knox said, it brought some into the church who couldn't make it on Sundays, and it drew others from the community as well.

Pastor Knox also was on the Board of Small World Preschool and helped them with projects. Another local mission project was aiding Starting Point in Monmouth, refurbishing and getting others involved.

They have enjoyed living in Henderson County and in Stronghurst.

George has done a variety of jobs before he became a pastor in 1991 from a farmhand to selling insurance.

The couple enjoys fishing and boating, and although apprehensive about the move, they are very excited to be moving south.