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Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

This letter is in regards to the insurance companies and the State of Illinois mandatory car insurance law, which gives the insurance companies and the State of Illinois too much right regardless of the right of the people.

Why, and do they have to raise a person's rate because they received a speeding ticket? This speeding ticket was of no cost to them. They raised my premium $49 every six months over a ticket I received that the State of Illinois sent them from my records. My rates went from $206 every six months to $255 every six months.

The insurance company states the discounts have been applied to your policy premiums: loss-free for six-plus years. I don't see a discount; I see an increase of $49. I don't feel I need a $49 raise.

The State of Illinois passed a mandatory car insurance law, giving all rights and options to the insurance companies and the State of Illinois of what can be charged and to check what they want, which includes the right that the State of Illinois keeps them informed of your records.

The insurance companies' right to keep the State of Illinois informed in the policy has lapsed, which gives the State of Illinois the right to revoke your automobile registration by the Motor Vehicle Bureau.

Why weren't there any laws passed to protect people against the high rates? The insurance shouldn't have the right to check, or be notified of my file, unless it is involved in a claim.

The State of Illinois or the insurance company shouldn't have the right to give this information without my consent.

This state law, making it mandatory for a person to carry insurance, is unfair and unjust to the people of the State of Illinois because there weren't any laws or regulations set to protect the people of the State of Illinois from the high prices of the insurance companies.

The mandatory car insurance law makes it easier for the insurance companies and the State of Illinois to make more profit off of the people that put these people in office for the people's protection, and the betterment of the state for the people by the people.

The mandatory car insurance law takes away too much right and say from the people.

Charles A. Cecil
La Harpe

Dear Editor:

I would like to say how proud the city people ought to be that when our former officer Mr. Snelson took care of the whole city.

And now our taxpayer dollars are going to four policemen and one of them being a McDonough citizen. I don't understand why there are so many.

Do we have that much trouble one marshal and assistant can't handle?

And besides we have all kinds of golf carts with people that aren't of age and then one man that is disabled has no way to get to the store and he rode his mower with a slow moving sign.

I've had many people call me and voice their opinion about everyone else getting by doing things that are not legal.

But when the man rode his mower it seemed to him a big crisis for our officials. Please I would like other comments from other people about other people riding illegally.

Mary Ann Strausbaugh
La Harpe, IL