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Raritan's History Told In Entertaining Fashion

Raritan's Sesquicentennial Celebration over the 4th included a history lesson of the 150 year old city in a very entertaining play "A Town Called Raritan" written by Dan Ashton and directed by Diana Taylor. 

Diana played the part of the local newspaper lady "Belle." John Brokaw (left) played Shorty Maddock and Joe McCleary, dressed in black, was a customer who seemed to know a lot about Raritan's past.

Maggie Grate played by Roberta Hanger helps mend the head of Deborah Du Pree played by Diana Lange. Stranger in black played by Joe Mc Cleary.

Others who performed in the short play for Raritan's 150th Birthday Party were Todd Lange (Rupert Du Pree), Kyle Keever (Matt), Jace A. Taylor (Jeff), Art Kane (Hank), Phillip Butler (Ted), Jessica Hobart (Colleen), Ruth Olsen (Gladys), Orlin Olsen (Simon), Jim Blender (Waldo Erickson) along with Brokaw, Hanger, McCleary, and Diana Lange.

A packed crowd enjoyed the performance and birthday cake afterwards.