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Ryan McKinney, Relay For Life's 2006 Honorary Survivor


Honorary Cancer Survivor for the 2006 Relay For Life is Ryan Lee McKinney. Ryan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim (Tina) McKinney of Biggsville.

When he was just three years old, Ryan was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Thalamic Maligmantglioma.

Normally not a fussy child, Ryan's parents, realized there was a problem when he began holding his head and crying.

He was in the hospital for three months and returned home just in time to see Santa Claus.

Ryan received radiation treatments in Iowa City for five days a week for six weeks. Ryan says he does not remember having the headaches but does remember having to go into the treatment room.

The trips to Iowa City for check ups have lessened, but he says that in the early years it seemed to him that they were going to the doctor all the time.

After his surgery and treatments the doctors told Ryan's parents there was no cure and to take him home and enjoy what time they had left with him.

Now at 27, Ryan is considered a "miracle child". His father claims that Ryan is his "angel".

His family's life changed and they realized that being together as a family and having supportive friends and community are the most important things in life.

Cancer is not a stranger to Ryan's family. He has lost a grandfather and an aunt to cancer but with the love of family and the power of prayer, Ryan is able to enjoy time with his two nephews and brother and sister.