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"Bumpin In The Mud" Brings Victory

It was the second year in a row that Captain Garrett Lenz led his "Bumpin in the Mud" team to victory. They defeated team after team and came out of the mud with $200, and a trophy to show for it.

Pictured is Matt Kane, Cassie Jackson, Brandon Rothzen, Matt McIntire, Liz Gillen, Annie Pogue, Maggie Gear, and Jennifer Foxall were the members of Garrett's team.

There were 22 teams and on Wednesday evening, the fairgrounds had over 220 muddy individuals trudging in wet dirty clothes throughout the fair.

The second place trophy and $125 cash went to the "Muck Divers" led by captains Ben Jacob and Chase Heap.

Also on their team were Kim Plath, Jason Poulter, Marisa Brown, Nathan Hennefent, Brandy Blender, and Kara Petit.

The third place trophy and $65 went to the "Muddy Feet" led by captain Jeff Hilton. This is the third year that the team has tried to come out victorious and each year they get closer.

The team consists of Mike Wood, Phil Long, Steve Jack, Karen Jack, Brice Jack, Rachele Jack, Stacy Jack, Michelle Olin, Bryan Heap, and Cody Wisslead.

The Mud Volleyball Tournament is sponsored by The Antiquity with the help of the Fair Board.

Referees for the night were Kris and Diana Beals, Cody Lam, Richard Clifton, Jennifer Ewing, Todd Lange, Mel Roth, and Mike Corzatt.

Kyle Keever and The Antiquity staff acted as announcers and scorekeepers. It was a night of fun for many.