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Letter to Editor

Sports Co-op Disagreement

I was very disappointed this week when I heard that the West Prairie Principal and School Board decided to hire someone other than Coach Porter to coach the boys high school baseball team next year.

I think we can all agree that this is the beginning of a long year ahead when it comes to our sports agreement with West Prarie.

I think it's too bad that West Prairie decided to strike back at us for voting in the convergence. Together we have had a long and successful run in our sports program and I'm disapponted that

it won't end on a positive note.

I would like everyone who supports Coach Porter to please call your school board members and ask them to not approve the new coach recommended by the West Prairie Principal and approved by the West Prairie School Board.

I know it will probably cause a ripple effect all through our sports program but I feel that we need to support Coach Porter for all he as done for our school, our kids, and our community.

He has built a very successful baseball program and has the record to prove it. He knows the game of baseball as well as anyone and is a great teacher of the game.

He is not only a great coach but more important is the fact that he is a good christian man, a great husband, a wonderful father, and a trustworthy friend who deserves our loyalty and our respect.

Dave Clover
La Harpe