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West Central Has Two Published Poets: Rankin, Schrock

Two West Central Junior High School students have had poems chosen to be published.

Heather Schrock, an eighth grader, and Kristen Rankin, a sixth grader, entered poems in Creative Communication's fall poetry contest.

According to Mrs. Debbie Gillam, the girls 6th grade teacher at West Central Junior High, "The organization received thousands of entries; therefore, we should be very proud of these girls."

Mrs. Gillam said their poems will appear in an anthology, A Celebration of Young Poets. In addition, each girl may still receive a cash prize if they are chosen as a "Top Ten Poet."

Kristen wrote "Autumn Days" saying she really loved the fall. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rankin of Raritan.

Heather wrote about a friend's mother passing away called "Finding Her In Heaven." She is the daughter of Mr. John Schrock of Biggsville.

Autumn Days

By Kristen Rankin 
(Kristen is a 6th grade student at West Central Junior High and student of Mrs. Deb Gillam.)

When days begin to grow cold,
And leaves turn red, orange, and gold,
Fall has just begun.
When children go out to play.
On a bright and beautiful day,
You know they'll have lots of fun.
The harvest moon is quite a sight,
On a peaceful Autumn night,
You forget about the cold night air.
When pumpkins have faces,
And vampires leave their cases,
You're sure to have a quite a scare.
Then there is a time for feast,
When everybody loves to eat,
They are thankful to be together.
When Autumn's just about to end.
Winter's just round the bend,
Get ready for snowy weather!

Finding Her In Heaven

-by Heather Schrock 
(Heather is an 8th grade student at West Central Junior High and a student of Mrs. Deb Gillam.)

"Where did you go mommy?"
How did you deal?
Knowing what you had, made me really feel.
Taking us before you, showing the way.
Living life to it's fullest, not throwing it away.
Thinking of the memories, we laughed, we cried,
I knew you cared.
Why you? Why then?
So many questions running through my head.
At night I lay, I pray, I cry, I feel,
I hope, I dream, I wonder.
Miss having you here, I cannot cry.
Me, "Your girl" a resemblance of you.
Knowing where you are, "Forever in my heart."
Being part of you is the key to my soul.
Holding you tightly and never letting go.
You will always be a part of me
that will never be forgotten.
Knowing where to find you:
In heaven,
Answers my question,
"Where did you go mommy?"