The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Dessa Rodeffer/Quill Publisher


Meet Hazel Hart of Stronghurst, born in Wyoming, Illinois, along with two brothers and one sister. She graduated from high school in 1938.

Her father was a paymaster at the elevator, later working in Peoria at Keystone Steel & Wire Co.

Her mother was a teacher one year until married, and then was a housewife. Married women were not sought after as teachers, Hazel said, but they became more accepted during the war.

Hazel received her teaching degree at Illinois State College and returned to her hometown to teach at a country school.

In 1941, she married Raymond, a Sandham Grade School Principal. He had been deferred from the military three different times due to changes in government rules.

Hazel kept busy teaching 6th grade in Alexis taking off a year each time one of her three children were born.

After Raymond retired due to failing health, Hazel got her Masters degree and was hired in 1968 as the Stronghurst High School Guidance Counselor and English teacher. Her husband past away and Hazel retired in 1988.

She remains busy as an Elder at the Presbyterian Church of Stronghurst, and Sewing Chairperson. She just returned after volunteering her time and sewing talent to help Hurricane victims in Mississippi and will tell about her adventures during church worshi p February 5th.

She is a past Deacon and member of the Henderson County Retired Teachers. Her three children are: Kenneth (works behind the scenes in TV Productions) in California, Cynthia, an Account Manager for the City of Culver City, California; and Max, a pilot for N orthwest Airlines and lives in Lancaster, PA.. She has 4 grandchildren and a great grandchild due in June. Her hobbies are sewing, crocheting, and doll making.