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School Noontime Fight Quickly Handled

Last Friday a fight erupted in the boys restroom at West Central High School over the noon hour that resulted in one student being taken to Great River Medical Center in Iowa.

According to Supt. Ralph Grimm, "The Sheriff's office was immediately contacted for assistance and Deputy Don Seitz quickly responded. We have a very safe building," Supt. Grimm maintained. "The high school staff responded very quickly and the situation was contained and controlled.

"It's unfortunate fights happen, but they happen in every school. I am glad we had a nurse on staff.

"I'm also glad for the quick response of the Gladstone ambulance and the sheriff's office.

We called the victim's mother and she gave consent and went in the ambulance with her son to be checked as a precautionary measure."

Grimm said this is normal high school stuff.

"I relate it to the airlines. They may have an accident, but look how many days they go without any problems," Grimm said.

Rumors were circulating that three boys were hand-cuffed and taken to jail.

"I know that's not true," Grimm replied, "because an hour later the aggressor was in my office being questioned."

Grimm said he was also happy to inform the public of the facts and to stop rumors and insure those in the school district that they are taking care of incidents quickly, and that the buildings are safe.