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Letters to Editor

What Do The Rams Need To Do Now

Dear Editor:

My last sermon dealt with the importance of unity. The administration and coach of the St. Louis Rams has been a prime example of dis-unity. Coach Martz has a huge ego and wanted to be in control of as many things as possible. The owner and their administrators did not appreciate being told how to do their jobs, and the result was a group of battering rams.

So who do you choose as the next coach to hopefully right the ship? My choice would be Kirk Ferentz, coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Nick Saben showed how an outstanding college coach can quickly turn around a pro team as he did with the Miami Dolphins this year. However, apparently the Rams want someone with professional experience. Therefore, Gregg Williams, who has been a pro head coach and is presently assistant head coach and in charge of the Redskins defense, would be an excellent choice.

The Rams personnel have made some big mistakes in regard to drafting the best college players and acquiring impact free agents. Their biggest mistake seems to be using no 1 draft choices at defensive tackle (Lewis, Pickett, Kennedy) with not much production from any of them. Their weakest position prior to this past season was linebacker. Therefore, they acquired free agents Coakley and Clayborne. However, neither was an impact player and both seemed over the hill.

Rams personnel would seem to best fit a 3-4 defensive front since their interior defensive lineman and linebackers still leave a lot to be desired. The Dallas cowboys switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 this year and their won lost record went from 6-10 to 10-6. They drafted wisely and picked a linebacker, Ware, who is already playing at an all pro level.

The Rams should draft first an outstanding linebacker, like Hawk, from Ohio State or Greenway from Iowa. The Rams have some decent young linebackers. Tinsosamoa has been outstanding and Chillar and Trev Faulk have gradually improved each year. If they stay healthy, Butler and Fisher are a couple of effective cornerbacks. Although their weakest position is probably safety, it would make sense to bring up Archeleta to an outside linebacker position. He is one of the best tackles but lacks the speed to cover deep receivers.

The Rams need to pick-up at least one top notch free agent safety and could use their second pick in the draft to acquire anther one.

Comparatively, the Rams offense looks in good shape. What we really need is Lovie Smith and Urlacher!

Weyman George

Voices Support for Grisham As Sheriff

Dear Editor,

I would like to take a moment to voice my support for Democrat nominee for Henderson County Sheriff Brian Grisham.

Over the past 4 years I have had the pleasure of serving under the command of Brian Grisham on the Lomax Fire Department. Over these past 4 years I have seen some major developments and improvements in the department largely attributed to the hard work and pride that Brian has put into his job as Lomax Fire Chief, to make the Lomax Fire Department one of the finest departments in the area.

I can tell you from experience that Brian Grisham possesses strong leadership qualities as well as a great sense of pride and honor that is desperately needed in the Henderson County Sheriffs office.

I can honestly say that I would be proud to have Brian Grisham as my sheriff, because I know with Brian as our sheriff, things are going to get done.

Brian takes great pride and honor in his job and I encourage you to get to know Brian Grisham for yourself so you can make a qualified decision on who will serve you as Henderson County Sheriff for the next four years.

Christopher L. Huffman

Congressional Candidate

Mowen's New Years Resolution

Economic Growth and Job Creation in the 17th District

Republican Congressional Candidate Jim Mowen announced his plan for better economic growth and job creation in the 17th District which could be summed up in two words, communication and experience.

"I understand that economic development and job creation takes place at a local level and is not a job handled by Washington DC or Springfield," Mowen said. "In addition, I understand that the Office of the Congressman needs to be used as another tool for the communities and we must be aggressive and proactive in assisting the communities of the 17th District to be as effective as possible."

Mowen has stated his plans to name to his staff, when elected, an Economic Development Director, whose sole responsibility will be to coordinate and communicate with mayors, the economic development authorities and Chamber of Commerce leaders throughout the District.

"The reason for naming this person to my staff when elected is to make sure I am fully leveraged in the economic growth efforts that take place at the local level," Mowen stated.

"Also when 75% of new jobs created in America are from small businesses you need to pay attention to those small businesses and help fuel them even more, something Congressman Evans has not done, which can be seen with his 21% approval rating from the National Chamber of Commerce."

The second part of Mowen's plan is experience, more specifically experience in economic development and job creation. As a commercial Real Estate agent and commercial developer, Jim has developed personally retail shopping centers in the District that have combined value exceeding $12,000,000, pay approximately $200,000 per year in taxes to the counties in the District and have created over 200 jobs for our local economy.

"I have an understanding based on over 20-years experience with economic development and job creation of both the business point of view, as well as the community point of view. I bring an understanding of the issue to the table that no one else in this race does" said Mowen.

A life-long resident of the Quad Cities, Jim Mowen has been active in his profession and with his community.

Mowen has served on Boards with the John Deere Classic, Quad-City Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Heritage Wesleyan Church, served in many volunteer roles throughout the community and has traveled to Zambia (5-times), Sierre Leone and Northwest India on Mission trips. Jim is married to Shayo and has one son, Drew, who is 2 years old.

Announces 2006

Ag Scholarships

1st Farm Credit Services (1st FCS) will offer its "At the heart of a growing America" agricultural scholarship program again in 2006, according Terry Hinds, Vice President of Client Value and Leasing for 1st FCS.

Up to 23 individual $750 scholarships will be awarded in 1st FCS' 42-county service area to graduating high school seniors who have been accepted into an agriculture or agriculture-related curriculum at a university, college or community college.

Applicants must reside in, or attend school in, 1st FCS' service area. Children and grandchildren of 1st FCS employees or current directors are not eligible.

Selection is based on academic achievement, community and agricultural youth organization involvement, and a brief essay. Students interested in applying should obtain a scholarship application from their local 1st Farm Credit Services' office, by calling 1-800-444-FARM, or at the organization's Internet site:

Scholarship applications must be returned to a local 1st Farm Credit Services office no later than February 15, 2006.

"We are pleased to be offering these scholarship programs, not only because they will assist deserving students to further their education in an agriculture-related field, but also because they will help promote agriculture as a vital and growing career opportunity," states Wayne Gustafson, 1st Farm Credit Services president & CEO.  In addition, 1st Farm Credit Services is continuing its scholarship program to community colleges with an agricultural curriculum.